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Siraj Dehlvi Lyricist Gazal Writer

Discovery of a Gem                              

Message From Raman Kapoor: "Today on the beautiful occasion of Valentine's Day, I announce with utmost joy the discovery of a gem of music cosmos with whom I share many commonalities. We have a similar background, and are both equally passionate about our individual hobbies turning into serious business at our age when most people talk about hanging up their boots. I am keen on improving my singing from the regular light singing to heavy classical styles and he is a versatile writer craving for further freedom of expression through the power of his pen. Siraj Dehlvi or, as I call him, 'The Poet' writes in Urdu, English and Hindi. He has already written many verses on almost all subjects - Sufi, Patriotic, Spirituality, Religious, Relationships and also Romance. Since we have so much to compliment each other, we have big plans for the future."


About The Poet: Siraj Delhvi was born and brought up in Calcutta. His Hobby of writing turned into professional shape during his college days. Parallel to extremely successful business ventures, he holds 'Pen' as his most powerful instrument. A powerful instrument used wisely can make a very effective weapon against corruption or any other menace against our innocent society.


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