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Nikhil Kamath

Nikhil Kamath - Music Director with Raman Kapoor

Name: Nikhil Kamath

About me: As Music Director, I had no formal training in music, but I was always interested in composing songs and singing. So I followed my dream and always imagined that one day I will be a music composer. Against all odds, I pursued my dream and then god was kind that I met Shri Gulshan Kumar (Founder of T Series) through Anuradha Paudwal. Producer Susheel Gajwani trusted my talent and provided me a chance to compose music for his film ''Doosra Ghar''. During my course of my career of 18 years I have composed music for more than 100 projects and about 50 films.

My Words for Mr. Raman Kapoor: My interaction with Raman Kapoor was god sent.  I met him through T Series. There I realized that he is a person who has similar attributes in thinking like me. A very principled honest and highly dedicated to music and someone who was also following his dream. Raman ji and I hit it off very well and we recorded 2 albums together...Both were very enriching experiences. Raman ji taught me so many things about life and he is one of my guru's in my life.  Raman ji has also become a very good singer, as he is very hard working and dedicated man. His recent album clearly proves he is here to stay and very soon will be knocking the doors to Bollywood. I wish him great luck and I am sure he will be successful in all he does because he is organized and a god fearing man and Saraswati Mata always favors such people. He is one of the best people I have met in my life.

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