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Raman Kapoor - Ishg Kamaal

Certainly again an album with diversity. You can listen to the title song “Ishq Kamaal” and “Mahi Ve Mahi” to feel the diversity produced by Vocal chords of RK. “Ishq Kamaal” comprises beautiful verses from renowned Sufi fakir Bulleh Shah and has been contemporized by Music Director Balvinder Aasi considering the present day listeners. With Aalaaps and chorus, you would be indulged to tap the feet with the music. While creating contrast of treatment, Raman Kapoor comes up with another song  “Mahi Ve mahi” which will certainly lead you towards your 20s - an age full of love and emotion!

Just wait a little for the album and feel the incredible diversity of vocals.

Track Listing

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Sample Music

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Full video of Ishq Kamaal - Two Versions



Promotion video clip of Ishq Kamaal - 30 seconds with Antara



Promotion video clip of Ishq Kamaal - 30 Seconds with Mukhra



Promotion video clip of Ishq Kamaal - 10 seconds


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