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Shivani Sinha

Shivani Sinha Co-Actor with Raman Kapoor

Name: Shivani Sinha

Objective: Film Production and performance is my competency and I confidently foresee myself as a leading actress of reputed television channel’s shows. Apart from Performance, I used to assist Directors in Feature Films, Professional Theatre Shows, Documentaries, TV Commercial and Corporate Films.

Area of competencies: Acting and Film Production

Latest Project as an actress:

Fiction Film Project: “It’s Time to Wake up Rohan”
Director – Sagar Sahay
Character Name: Sweety

TV Commercial: UNICEF
Co Actor – Amir Khan

TV Commercial as Brand Ambassador for 2012: ITM University
Director: Kunnal Pruthi

Video Song: “Jis Tan Lagya Ishque Kamaal”
Singer – Producer: Mr. Raman Kapoor
Weblink: www.ramankapoor.com

Work Experience in reverse chronology as Assistant Director:

Feature Film Project: B.A. Pass (August 2011– September 2011)
Director – Producer: Ajay Behl
Designation & Responsibility: Assistant Director (Action Continuity)

Feature Film Project: KOEL (September 2010 – October 2010)
Director – Producer: Bonny Crawley
Weblink: http://www.koelthemovie.com/
Designation & Responsibility: Assistant Director (Continuity Costume and wardrobe)

Current Involvement: As an actress in Asmita Theatre Group under supervision of Mr. Arvind Gaur.
Duration of training: 11Months (Running)
Famous Theatre Shows: The Last Salute
Director: Arvind Gaur
Producer: Mahesh Bhatt
Weblink: http://indiantheatre.blogspot.com/
Designation & Responsibility: Actress

Famous Theatre Shows: Ramkali – Adaptation of Bertolt Brecht’s Play
Director: Arvind Gaur
Producer: Asmita Theatre Group
Weblink: http://indiantheatre.blogspot.com/
Designation & Responsibility: Actress

Other Plays:
Ek Mamooli Admi    |    Unsuni        |    Ambedkar aur Gandhi

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