Ashim Nagpal

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Ashim Nagpal

Ashim Nagpal Artist Associated with Raman Kapoor

Name: Ashim Nagpal

Area of competencies: Business and Singing

About me: Ashim Nagpal is a qualified Chemical engineer self employed in Retail business .Though not formally trained he has a very good ear for music.He utilizes his abilities and enthusiasm to train children to perform better on stage.His forte is light hindi vocal music.At a young age of 50 years knows lyrics of over 400 songs by heart...and performs on stage along with budding artists of the region.

My Words for Mr. Raman Kapoor: Meeting and performing with Raman Kapoor was like a whiff of fresh air in this polluted world. Raman Kapoor is a perfect example of the fact that it is never too late to pursue your passion”. NO SUCCESS IS ELUSIVE ONLY IF IT IS BACKED BY ADEQUATE PASSION"..........